3 Male Exercises to Increase Girth

It’s no secret that the girth of your penis directly relates to how well you can satisfy your partner. However, the problem is that girth is mostly due to genetics. Luckily, there are some techniques which can permanently increase the girth of your pnis, helping you to satisfy both you and your partners’ needs more fully.


This method is usually recommended to improve stamina. However, it really helps to pump your penis width too. The way to do this is to masturbate (or have sx). When you come to the point of climax, you need to do everything in your power to hold back from orgasming. This forces the muscles to work overtime, improving their strength and increasing their size.


You can do this either as a wet or dry exercise, but lubricant helps to make it easier. Your pnis must be semi-erect (between 50-70%). Hold your fingers in an ‘OK’ sign. Place this OK sign over your penis and start right at the base of the shaft. Squeeze from the bottom to your glans. Repeat this 100 times. It is important that you stop if the penis becomes fully erect and wait until it has reduced to semi-erect before starting again.


Often thought to be reserved for women, Kegels can actually improve length and girth. You need to repeatedly contract your PC muscle. This is the muscle between the anus and testicles that contracts if you try to stop mid-pee. Inhale deeply while contracting this until you can contract no further. Hold the contraction and your breath for 20 seconds, slowly release while slowly exhaling.

If you want to get more girth, you have to work those muscles. Strengthening the muscles,

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